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Do You Need To Serve Corporation Service Company which will do business in California as CSC - Lawyers incorporating Service, or Prentice Hall Corporation System 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 150n Sacramento Ca 95833? YES

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent, or agent for service of process (SOP), provides a legal address within the jurisdiction where legal documents may be served during business hours. It is the registered agent's duty to receive and forward that service of process to the entity's designated contact, usually a company's legal team or representative.
The registered agent also receives official government documents including franchise tax notices and annual report forms. Registered agents may also notify business entities whether or not they are in "good standing."

How To Find a Corporation's Registered Agent.

Most jurisdictions have an online business entity search to find a Registered Agent.

Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

Most jurisdictions require entities that do business within their borders to designate and maintain a corporate registered agent (also known as a statutory agent or resident agent). Dependable registered agent service is your company’s first and best defense against unwanted legal outcomes, including default judgment.  CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service is the registered agent of many corporations doing business in California.

What is service of process?

Service of process means any official government notifications, which could include legal and tax notifications, annual report forms, business license renewals, correspondence from the secretary of state, and other business notices.

What is a registered agent or process agent?

An agent for service of process is a trusted individual or third-party, registered in the same state where an entity is established, who is authorized to receive service of process on behalf of your corporation or LLC. Entities may serve as their own registered agent, but for reasons including convenience and dependability, most choose a third party to avoid the consequences of not promptly responding to SOP.

How do you find an agent for service of process?

Most business entities on record with various secretaries of state must, by law, maintain a registered agent, who can also act as the agent for service of process. To find an agent for service of process, contact the State Division of Corporations for a listing of service providers. CSC can serve as a registered agent in Delaware and in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and key international jurisdictions.

How do you change agents for service of process?

Typically, to change agents for service of process, you must notify your current registered agent service provider or contact your secretary of state. Some corporate service providers will handle this change for you as part of their registered agent service.

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